Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Primary Foreign Languages

We teach French as our foreign language. In Reception and Key Stage 1,
children will occasionally sing songs or do fun activities using French vocabulary
(this is optional). In Key Stage 2, children are taught early French language
skills using the following progression:

Year 3 and 4

Basic vocabulary:

·         Colours

·         Basic Greetings


·         Animals

·         Foods – ordering in a restaurant/shop

·         At School

·         My Home

·         My Town

·         Describing People

·         Body Parts

·         Sport

We learn to:

Use simple words and phrases

Pronounce single words correctly

Recognise some words by sight

Say words and phrases to a partner or the class

Respond to questions

Write some words as appropriate

We learn through:


Songs and rhymes

Speaking and listening games

Online games

Year 5 and 6

Revision of basic vocabulary and new topics:

·         On Holiday

·         Eating Out

·         Hobbies

·         A School Trip

·         Seasons

·         The Environment

·         Actions

·         In France

·         The Future

·         Jobs

We learn to:

Express opinions/preferences

Link simple sentences with conjunctions

Use correct pronunciation in longer sentences

Listen to French words and phrases and start to recognise these.

Read and recognise French words using understanding of some basic French phonics

Write small amounts of French where appropriate.

The majority of teaching is in the target language including instructions and classroom management.

The emphasis in all French lessons is on oral practice and developing confidence and enthusiasm for language learning.

We have linked with schools in France so the children have experience of writing letters in French with basic phrases and reading responses from France with support.

We use a wide range of activities including interactive whiteboard resources, role-play, puppets, songs, games, individual computer games, kinaesthetic activities and written activities including booklet and poster making.

We also learn information about France as a country and French culture including similarities and differences with our own country.