Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School


We study a skills and knowledge-based curriculum in geography linked with our themes.  For example, for our “Let’s Explore” theme we study geography field work skills of mapping and orienteering. There is a clear progression in terms of expectations from one class to the next and children build on their historical and geographical understanding as they move through school.  We bring the subjects alive through drama and outdoor learning as well as visitors to school and trips.

In addition to our core geography curriculum, we also do daily Global Awareness sessions as a Global

Learning Programme school. Our main aims with our Global Awareness sessions are:

To give the children a good awareness of the world around them including: locations and names of places, continents, oceans and seas, climate zones, types of landscape, cultures, languages, histories, environmental and political issues, etc.

To challenge stereotypes and pre-conceptions.

To develop children’s analytical and deductive thinking based on what they already know and understand.

To open children’s minds to the world around them and similarities and differences compared to their own environment and culture.

To develop children’s understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens of both Britain and the world as a whole.

To place into context news stories and learning in other curriculum areas and draw their attention to connections and links. Global awareness also provides a backdrop to our studies of history and geography in other parts of the world.

To develop the children’s writing in constructing sentences and paragraphs linked with their Global Learning.

SEND: For children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, we ensure that all teaching and learning is inclusive and that children are supported wherever necessary with resources, teaching assistant or teacher support and additional input if required. We are also aware that some children excel in this subject but may find the recording and “English” skills more difficult so we provide support accordingly to ensure that all children achieve their potential.

Please see in the Theme section the overviews for each term.

We use our knowledge progression in planning detailing key learning for each term within each phase (we assess against end points based on this key learning in each subject):

Please see bottom of page for our Progression of Knowledge and Skills documents which also contribute to planning and awareness of prior and next learning.

We assess against the end points at the end of each term and using continual assessment to inform next steps in teaching.