Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Beech Class

If your child is isolating from school here is a list of things they can be doing at home, if they are well enough.

  1. Learn their words for the play including stage directions, expression, cues, etc.  We will have a very short window to put the play together when we are fit and well so the more that all the children learn their parts in the meantime the better!
  2. Practise tables using TTRockstars.
  3. Practise other maths learning journey targets.
  4. Read, lots!
  5. Do maths based on White Rose Home Learning. I’ve picked out lessons that should be revision for most children so activities can be used as a speed practice if your child fully gets it already or they can work through more slowly if it is newer or more tricky for them – obviously different children will find it easier or trickier and that’s fine. They don’t need to write on worksheets, it can be done on any paper using the questions on a screen:
  1. English – make posters and/or leaflets about the environment and climate change linked to the Global Learning work we have done recently on the Earthshot Prizes, Cop26 and any other information that your child would like to research themselves.  The posters/ leaflets could be about giving information or trying to persuade people to change behaviours or a combination of the two. If they Google what they are looking for and add “for kids” after the search item it will display websites with simplified and child-friendly content for them to use. They have also learned about the Amazon in English recently so they could use some of that information too if they like.  
  2. They can also do any writing of stories, poems, information leaflets, recipes about anything they choose. 
  1. Art – we have been exploring printing techniques some of which will be tricky for you to do at home but your children can experiment with printing with any items you have using ink, paint or even something like tea or coffee!  They can print with string, pen lids, bottle tops, cotton reels, leaves, pasta shapes, etc. They can make their own printed landscapes with different printing tools or they may choose to depict animals, flowers, trees, food or anything else!  
  2. Home Challenges – continue with home challenges and try to do these to a high standard.  If they have already done some, they can redo them, improving on what they have done before too or start a new one.

If you need any materials to use from school and you aren’t isolating yourself you are welcome to come and collect if you let Helen know first what you need.