Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School


We use enquiry-based learning in Science, starting with open-ended questions which the children discuss leading to their own investigations.  Our science is linked with our whole school termly themes so, for example, when we learn about space and the planet Earth we study light, rocks, soils, space and states of matter in science.  Habitats and food chains may be linked to our learning about rainforests.

We have a wide variety of scientific equipment and resources for the children to use in their investigations including test tubes, bug collection and viewing equipment, weather measuring tools, force meters etc. These are stored centrally which ensures all equipment is regularly used. We frequently use our outdoor environment to enhance our learning in science and are fortunate enough to have a beautiful garden, planted to attract bees, a pond area and copses giving us a range of natural habitats, plants and creatures to explore.

Where possible, we link our design technology projects to science in order to use and apply our knowledge and skills, for example cooking when we are learning about melting and evaporation and constructing bridges and pulleys when we are learning about forces.  We have a well-stocked kitchen for the children to use in school so they have plentiful opportunities to cook in curriculum time as well as at after school clubs. We especially enjoy recipes using produce from our garden including apple muffins!  

In scientific investigation and design technology, there is a strong emphasis on working both independently and as part of a team focusing on creativity, cooperation, questioning skills and the use of good communication when discussing their findings.

Please see below the Programme of Study for each year group.

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