Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Parent and Pupil Feedback

We recently invited parents to complete a questionnaire to feedback about their experience of learning during the most recent lockdown in January and February 2021. We had around 40% of our children in school throughout and the rest were learning at home. All our staff were in school and were balancing teaching the children in school and those at home while liaising with parents and holding Zoom meetings.

Feedback both during the lockdown and via the questionnaire has been overwhelmingly positive and there is lots of information about what we did well and can build on if there ever is a next time (hopefully not!) and some ideas to consider in terms of how to make things even better.

Questionnaire Results

What our parents think we did well:

The Zoom sessions made such a positive impact in terms of engagement and also socially.  You juggled the remote learning and classroom learning really well.

Making the website really user-friendly for lockdown 2.

I think the second lockdown was much better organised and I think the Zoom meetings helped my child stay engaged and connected with school.

The staff, who were in school throughout, were very helpful and supportive. We had a small amount of time at home due to isolation and Zooms were helpful.

Content was good, structure easy to follow.

Keeping the children in contact and motivated.

Not providing too much work and pressure for the children whilst at home.

Integrating class work into Zoom calls.

When I asked for reading books, I got plenty – thank you.  Also, we didn’t have a printer so school printed all the work off I asked for so that was also a big help, thanks again.

I cannot fault Vicky Perry, she was amazing and so supportive. Every phone call made me feel so much better and every email answered, brilliantly done.

Being able to see his friends on Zoom really helped my child feel connected to the rest of his class.

We felt home learning was really well organised and easy to access on the website.  The Zoom meeting every morning set up learning for the day.

The Zoom meeting each day kept my child in touch with friends and he looked forward to these.

Setting the work for the week on the website with links and print offs to do in any order during the day at a time that suited parents!

Responding to emails with concerns and responding quickly!  Very understanding and empathetic.

Mrs Perry’s work feedback was much appreciated.

I think the support for all the children was excellent, the attention to a routine was really helpful.

Really hardworking staff, adaptable and understanding.

My child really enjoyed being in school during lockdown and I was impressed with how much she developed in her phonics.

Emphasising the core subjects and not stressing about completing everything really helped keep things manageable.

The school staff did everything they could to keep the routine  as normal as possible and supported the children and families throughout.

The emphasis on mental health was second to none.

You could not have been more supportive as a school.  

The communication was excellent from Mrs Brough and the teachers.

I feel due to the uncertainty and constant changing of the rules that the response the school had was

excellent.  The Zoom calls really helped my child be engaged and eager to learn.

I was so impressed by all the staff who worked so tirelessly to support both the children at school and those at home. Thank you!!

Thank you for keeping my child physically and emotionally safe during the Spring 21 lockdown.  She enjoyed being in school and the routine helped her not to worry about the pandemic.

The one to one Zoom calls were amazing.  My child loved these and they really helped to keep her motivated.

Being able to collect reading books from school was great.

Regular Zoom calls with the whole class were great and my child loved seeing all her friends.

The emails from Mrs Brough with links to support groups and activities were very helpful too.

Overall, I think the school did an amazing job, thank you!

The Zoom sessions made such a positive impact on engagement and also socially.  You juggled the remote learning and classroom learning really well.

Making the website really user-friendly for lockdown 2.

We loved the links to yoga and family activities, these were much appreciated.

The school really paid attention to children’s and families’ wellbeing and sent lots of reassurance and useful information linked to mental health.

Not providing too much work and pressure for the children whilst at home.

My children did well with a lot of their home learning. It definitely helped that they were in school part time to keep up motivation.  They actually really enjoyed some of it – really interesting DT with the parts needed sent home for example.  The website was much easier to follow than Google Classrooms that we used for our other child at a different school, much less  complicated and fiddly.

I think that school and the teachers made home schooling easy to follow, they were available if we needed support and it was fun. The children were connected with their friends, the Zoom meetings were brilliant as it kept the home schooling much easier to follow.

The website. -it was really well set out and easy to follow, especially the links to each subject.  It was really helpful being a week in advance so we could prepare on a Sunday for the week ahead.

The key thing was that school was very approachable either through phone or email.

Additional support was really appreciated and enabled my child to continue to join in. 

I found the information about support for wellbeing and support groups, yoga, etc. really useful. Thank you.

I was very happy with the level of help, support and encouragement the teachers gave to my children throughout the school closure.  The website was well planned, managed and gave a range of work for all abilities as well as a variety of choices and this helped them to stay motivated and engaged in their learning.

The Zoom calls were great for the kids to stay in contact with teachers and friends. 

All the teachers were great at replying to emails that I sent them.  The Zoom calls were very helpful as the teachers delivered the lesson which was a great help.  No negatives just positives from me!

What our parents think we could have done better:

More free learning and creative art/project work.

A one to one Zoom to mark off Learning Journey targets and mark work would have been lovely but I understand this would have been very time-consuming.

Integrating class work into more Zoom calls at times.

Differentiate the English Oak Academy lessons a little more to suit different abilities particularly the Y2 unit.  Share targets and levels children are working at so parents know what to expect from their children.  Sometimes I think I was expecting too much from my child.

We would have liked more and longer Zoom sessions for Oak Class  At times, it felt as if the children at home missed out a bit compared with those at school.

Zoom calls would have been better in the morning so we could get out for a walk in the afternoon.

I don’t think there is anything you could have done to make it better.

Maybe more regular end of the week certificates to praise the children for their work at home in Oak Class.


Insufficient support for learning during the first lockdown as my child has needs but this massively improved second time around.  Our experience in lockdown 1 compared with the recent lockdown were poles apart.

No, couldn’t have been better.

No, it all ran smoothly.  A much better structure than the previous lockdown.  My child was more motivated as she could see what was expected of her for the week and the Zoom calls kept her engaged. Thank you!

Not a thing, let’s just hope we don’t have to live through it again!