Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School


Co-opted Governors

Parent Governors

Christine Stephenson – Chair

Barbara Bellis – Vice Chair

Christine Holdsworth

Sarah Mills

Barbara Bellis

John Bergus

Patricia Rogerson

Peter Riley (Observer only)

David Haughian

Helen O’Hagan

Adam Bateman


Staff Governor


Vicky Perry

Nicki Bradbury

Our Governing Body Committees and Responsibilities

We have our Full Governor meetings on a termly basis which are minuted by our LCC Clerk to Governors.  All Governors and the head teacher are required to attend these meetings. The core agenda for these meetings is set by the Local Authority with the school able to add other items to the agenda as required.  The governing body assists in the leadership and management of the school by monitoring how the headteacher and SLT are running the school, asking challenging questions and keeping abreast of recent developments.  They monitor specific aspects such as reportable accidents, racist incidents, bullying and authorise Type B educational visits among other responsibilities.  All governors have assigned responsibility areas which they have a specific focus on when at meetings or visiting school.

We have two further committees which meet on a termly basis: Standards and Effectiveness Committee and Resources Committee.

The Standards and Effectiveness Committee is attended by the governors listed below on a termly basis.  The agenda for this meeting is set by the head teacher in consultation with governors.  The scope of this committee includes the academic progress and attainment of the children, the content and effectiveness of the curriculum, the provision for all children including those with SEND or Children Looked After and all CPD and performance reviews for staff.  It also covers the deployment of staff and other resources and how this is being carried out to best serve children’s learning.  This committee reviews assessment data, both internal and from national statutory and non-statutory assessments.  It also reviews the School Development Plan and how this is impacting on children’s learning and other aspects of school life.

The Resources Committee is attended by governors as listed below on a termly basis.  The agenda for this meeting is set by the head teacher in consultation with governors.  The scope of this committee includes all aspects of finance and resourcing including staffing expenditure, staff wellbeing, premises management, maintenance and repairs, health and safety, risk assessments, financial management, setting the school budget linked with the School Development Plan and monitoring expenditure in line with this and the oversight of any ring-fenced or other specific funding streams.  This committee completes the Schools Financial Value Standard annually which monitors and evaluates the financial management of the school and carries out benchmarking against other schools to ensure appropriate financial management is taking place.  This committee also decide whether to authorise higher levels of spending by the headteacher for specific purposes or virements across different cost centres.

Our other committees only meet when required.

Nominated Governors

Mr P Riley-Health & Safety

Ms C Holdsworth-English/ Link governor

Mrs C Stephenson-Child Protection/Safeguarding/PSHE/DT

Mr A Bateman – Outdoor learning/ PE/ British Values

Mrs P Rogerson – Maths

Mrs S Mills –SEND/ Science/ Computing

Mrs Bellis – Art/ Music

Mr J Bergus –French/Website

Mr D Haughian – Geography/

History/British Values

Mrs H O’Hagan – EYFS/RE


 Complaints Review

Ms C Holdsworth

Mr P Riley


Pay Appeals

Mrs C A Stephenson

Mr P Riley

Mr J Bergus


Mrs C Stephenson (Chair)

Mr D Haughian

Mrs B Bellis (Vice-Chair)

Ms C Holdsworth

Ms N Bradbury

Mrs S Mills

Mr A Bateman

Mr P Riley


Pay/HT Appraisal Committee of Appointed Governors

Mrs C Stephenson

Mrs B Bellis

Ms C Holdsworth

Mrs S Mills

Mr J Bergus



Mrs C A Stephenson + 2 untainted governors


Staffing Review and Dismissal

Mrs B Bellis

Ms C Holdsworth


Standards and Effectiveness

Mrs C Stephenson (Chair)

Ms C Holdsworth

Ms N Bradbury

Mrs H O’Hagan

Mrs B Bellis (Vice-Chair)

Mr J Bergus

Mrs P Rodgers

Mrs V Perry




Pupil Discipline

Mrs C A Stephenson

Ms C Holdsworth


Staff Attendance Discipline/Dismissal

Ms C Holdsworth + 2 untainted governors


Staff Attendance Discipline and Dismissal Appeals

 Mrs B Bellis

Mr P Riley

Governor Business Interests? Governorship at another institution? Any matters arising where a conflict of interests is noted and date where this occurs Term of Office
Christine Stephenson No No None         – 28/3/25
Barbara Bellis No No None         – 02/03/22
Christine Holdsworth No No None         – 02/03/22
Peter Riley No No None          – 02/03/22
John Bergus No No None 14/3/18 – 14/3/22
Adam Bateman No No None 18/11/20 – 18/11/24
Patricia Rogerson No No None 18/11/20 – 18/11/24
Sarah Mills No No None 09/02/22- 09/02/26
David Haughian No No None 31/01/22 – 31/01/26
Helen O’Hagan No No None 31/01/22 – 31/01/26
Vicky Perry No No None 04/01/21 – 04/01/25 

Governors’ Attendance 2020-21

Christine Stephenson 100%

Christine Holdsworth 89%

Barbara Bellis 89%

Peter Riley 22% due to meetings being online and no internet access

John Bergus 100%

Sarah Cook 83%

Sarah Mills 100%

Vicky Perry 100%

Adam Bateman 100%

Patricia Rogerson 100%

Nicki Brough 100%

Attendance at Governor Meetings 2021-22

Governor Full Governor Meetings Standards and Effectiveness Meetings Resources, staffing and Finance Meetings
Christine Stephenson 1/2  2/2 2/2
Barbara Bellis 2/2 2/2 2/2
Christine Holdsworth 2/2 2/2 2/2
Peter Riley 2/2 n/a 2/2
John Bergus 2/2 2/2 n/a
Adam Bateman 2/2 n/a 1/2
Patricia Rogerson 2/2 1/2 n/a
Sarah Mills 2/2 1/2 1/1
Sarah Cook 1/2 1/1 n/a
David Haughian 1/1 0/0 0/0
Helen O’Hagan 1/1 0/0 0/0
Vicky Perry 2/2 2/2 n/a
Nicki Brough 2/2 2/2 2/2