Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Sycamore Class

Year 3/4

Miss Metcalfe
Mrs Bowker

Mrs Martin
Mrs Haughian

We do P.E every other Wednesday and every Friday. We also do a mile on the track daily.

Rugby Taster Session

Last week, Liam came in to do some Rugby taster sessions with Yr R, 1 & 2. They were taught how to get the ball off other people, how to push through other players and how to dive over the line. It was great fun!

Flight to Sicily

Sycamore Class boarded a flight to Sicily from Gate 15 on Friday to learn about the island before writing a Holiday Brochure in English this half term. We experienced a take off and a landing as well as a safety demonstration. We were ably assisted by 2 flight attendants and enjoyed inflight Italian food as we watched a presentation about Sicily.

DT- Making Pyramids

Sycamore Class have enjoyed researching different structures. They have then applied their knowledge to designing and making Egyptian pyramids. They now understand how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures.

Making 'poo'

Sycamore Class had loads of fun making ‘poo’ as part of their unit on the digestive system. They used Weetabix, banana and a pair of tights to demonstrate how the digestive system works. Their faces say it all!

Cake baking

Sycamore Class baked some cakes as part of their Maths lesson on mass. They used 2 eggs as the weight and weighed everything else against them. What a yummy lesson!

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