Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Modroc Olympians

Beech Class made figures representing Ancient Greek Olympians.  First of all, we made wire figures using the proportions of the human body. We then made a base out of clay. After that, we covered our model with Modroc. When it was dry, we painted it with bronze paint so it looks like a bronze sculpture.

Greek Pots

Beech Class made clay pots in the style of Ancient Greek pots. We studied different types of Greek pots and their purposes. We designed our pots and the illustrations on them. We made our pots using the coil pot technique. When they were dry, we used fine brushes and black acrylic paint to paint our designs. We used illustrations of Ancient Greek pots as inspiration for our designs.

Egyptian Self Portraits and Canopic Jars

Sycamore Class designed and created Egyptian Self-Portraits and Canopic Jars. They used different sculpting techniques for their jars. They used the coil technique for the base and adapted a thumb pot for the head.

Greek Pots

In Beech Class we painted our own Greek pots. We learned about different Greek pots and what they were used for. We  chose a design for our pot and then decorated it with typical images and patterns from Ancient Greece including scenes from daily life, myths and legends, Olympics and battles. We painted these pots in preparation for making our own Greek pots out of clay.

Canopic Jars

As part of their topic on the Egyptians, Sycamore Class have made some canopic jars out of clay.

Beech Class Printing

Beech Class have been exploring printing this term.  We began by using found objects and exploring the printing effects created.  We then found natural items from our grounds and printed with those as well as food items.  We used the print effects we had created to make recognisable pictures. 

We made our own foam relief prints based on cross-sections of fruits and vegetables and printed with those, including some prints on backgrounds created by our earlier experimentation.

We then moved onto depicting food packaging and creating monoprints linked with our illustrations.

We moved onto Gelli prints where we used manmade and natural objects to mask areas and experimented with different colour combinations.

We later used lino to make our own relief printing blocks and created layers by adding extra detail and new contrasting colours.

Finally, we made our own stencils and created screen-prints by masking certain areas.

We have learned many printing skills throughout the term and learned from print artists including Andy Warhol and African artists who depict fruits and vegetables in their work.

Sycamore Stone Age Art

Sycamore Class explored printing by initially making our own printing blocks using string and foam to see which we preferred for our relief printing.  We explored food printing then moved onto printing connected with our history topic on the Stone Age.  We investigated Stone Age cave painting images and reproduced our own versions of these onto fabric.  We made our own printing blocks using foam or string to make images of creatures and people then printed with acrylic paint and rollers. We used our hand prints to add to our designs in the style of Stone Age cave-art.

Fruit Printing

Chestnut Class explored printing using fruits and vegetables as printing blocks initially.  We then moved onto making our own printing blocks using etching into polystyrene.   We traced our designs and transferred them onto polystyrene.  We printed using printing inks and used rollers to ensure the print was even.

Art Displays

A range of our art displays around school for our theme ‘Great International Bake Off’.

Food Packet Art