Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Kandinsky inspired artwork

21 May 2021

Oak Class looked at the work of different artists, focusing mainly on Kandinsky. All of the artwork was based on circles. Oak Class had a go at recreating some of this artwork.

Paul Klee inspired artwork

14 May 2021

Oak Class have done an incredible job of creating some artwork inspired by Paul Klee. They really brighten up the corridor!

David Hockney clay plaques

22 April 2021

Linked with our work on journeys, Beech Class learned about perspective and depicting landscapes going into the distance in art. We studied the artwork of David Hockney. After doing our own paintings and collages in his style, we made clay plaques based on his paintings of Yorkshire landscapes.

Planets and space collage

Paintings in the style of Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist who was passionate about nature and conservation. Beech Class studied his art and architecture to link with the work we are doing about Greta Thunberg. We painted our own versions of his paintings with oil pastel and watercolour.

Beech Class Greek Pots

African Pots

30 November 2020

Sycamore Class created colourful African pots as part of our theme topic (Journeys). They formed a thumb pot to start with and then added coils on top. Using their hands and a range of tools, they created their planned designs and added different textures. Once dry, they painted on top. Well done.

David Hockney Clay Landscapes Year 5 and 6

18 November 2020

David Hockney Clay Landscapes Year 5 and 6

Remembrance Day

13 November 2020

Oak Class have been thinking about Remembrance Day this week by making fruit and craft poppies.

Our Lovely Artwork

12 November 2020

Landscapes exploring perspective in the style of David Hockney by Year 5 and 6

Landscapes in chalk pastel exploring perspective by Year 5 and 6

Sea-themed textile artwork by Year 5 and 6 children

Sea-themed textile artwork by Year 3 and 4

Model boats inspired by learning about Ernest Shackleton Year 1 and 2

Sea-themed art by Reception children

Self-portraits by Oak Class (Reception and Y1 children)

Self-portraits by Chestnut Class (Y1/2)

Self-portraits by Sycamore Class (Y3/4)

Self-portraits by Beech Class (Y5/6)

Chalk pastel landscapes exploring perspective Year 5 and 6

Painting and pastel in the style of David Hockney’s landscapes Year 5 and 6

Abstract painting and pastel inspired by Gustav Holst’s “Mars” from the Planets Suite.

Exploring paint effects – string pull painting Year 5 and 6