Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School


Each term we have a whole school theme which provides a broad context for learning in Science and many foundation subjects.

For details of what this looks like in each class, please click on the links below.

We work on a 2 year rolling programme for science, design technology, art and computing to ensure that the children revisit each aspect of science, DT, art and computing once within each KS2 class.  
We work on a 4 year rolling programme for history and geography to ensure that the children visit each aspect once within KS2. 

The document below details the themes and content for our current two year cycle:

During each theme, teachers plan and teach the National Curriculum at the appropriate level for each year group using our knowledge and skills progressions. Lessons are designed to ensure that teachers can deliver the essential content and skills in a creative way at the appropriate level for their classes making meaningful links between curriculum areas to enrich learning and place children’s learning in context of what they have learned previously and what they will learn in the future.  

We also incorporate Theme Days where children work in house groups ranging from YR to Y6 to do activities linked with our current theme. This gives the children the opportunity to share aspects of learning they have done with children across school and also for the children to use Planet Inspiration characters working collaboratively as a whole school community on fun and engaging activities.