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Remote Learning for Sycamore Class

Throughout this period of home learning, we will try and make online learning as straight forward as possible. You were all great last time and the work you inspired your children to do was very impressive. Good luck again.

As the online learning worked well last time, we’re setting up a similar system. The minimum tasks for each day can be found in a table below. Work can be carried on to the next day if needed or you can add in your own activities as well. There is a Home Challenges sheet here that will give you ideas for further tasks based on our theme ‘Once Upon a Time’.

There will be a Zoom meeting for all Sycamore Class children working at home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am. The same Zoom link will be used for all meetings. You will find this link in your emails. Friday’s Zoom meeting will be to share and discuss work completed during the week.

Please contact us via email to share photographs (please title this ‘photographs’) and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or ask for help if needed. Please email both and at the same time. If you need anything urgent, please ring school.

Here are the tasks that we set for previous weeks. Feel free to come back to any of these activities if you have more time during other weeks.
Lockdown Week 1 Tasks
Lockdown Week 2 Tasks
Lockdown Week 3 Tasks
Lockdown Week 4 Tasks
Lockdown Week 5 Tasks
Lockdown Week 6 Tasks
Lockdown Week 7 Tasks

  Maths English Other
Every day Maths Learning Journey
TT Rockstars
Read a book
Practise your spellings or use one of the spelling challenges You could use this link to try some spelling lessons on suffixes.
IDL (if you have a login)
Daily exercise
You could use: These activities with Mrs Hunter-Dale 
PE with Joe Wicks
Monday 1st March Fractions
Remember you can always make up your own examples linked to the sheets and make the questions easier or harder as required. Year 3 can always try Year 4 sheets, and Year 4 may choose to do Year 3 sheets first or instead of. Please remember that your child might have missed the build-up to these units due to the previous lock down and therefore may need more support.
LI: I can identify equivalent fractions.
Year 3
Year 4

Extension worksheet
English Overview
Read through your story so far.
Plot point 4: No exit
Task 1: Adjectives
Draw a ring and collect adjectives to describe it (e.g. special, unique, mystical, enchanted, unusual, golden, metallic, iron…)
Teacher sentences: On the dusty ground, Aladdin spotted an unusual ring (made of dull, black iron) with a note attached.
Now write your sentence using adjectives to describe the ring.
Task 2: Repetition
Think about what note or poem might be written on the ring.
Teacher sentences: The note read, “This ring is special, so special, extremely special. Whoever wears me will be safe from harm.” Aladdin slipped the ring on his finger.
Now write your note or poem using repetition.
Task 3: Synonyms and Dialogue
Collect synonyms for shouted (e.g. bellowed, snarled, yelled, bawled…)
Teacher sentences: “Hurry up! Where is it? You useless peasant! hissed Uncle through the cave’s entrance. As quick as a flash, Uncle flung a strange powder – blue billowed, orange overflowed and turquoise tumbled.
Now write your dialogue using a synonym. Also add another sentence describing the Uncle throwing the powder.
Research pictures of erupting volcanoes and draw or paint your own image/diagram of an erupting volcano. You could use this video to help.
Tuesday 2nd LI: I can identify equivalent fractions.
Year 3
Year 4 

Extension worksheet
Plot point 5: A hopeless situation
Task 1: Simile
Write possible similes to describe darkness. As dark as a starless sky. Wrapped up in a jet-black blanket. Like being swamped in black ink.
Teacher sentence: The cave was dark – as dark as a bat’s wing. Now write your sentence with a simile.
Task 2: Verbs and Feelings.
Pretend you’re Aladdin and stuck in the cave. How are you feeling?List feelings: nervous, fear, anxious, terror, rage, desperation…
List verbs: crying, sobbing, weeping, wailing, whimpering
Teacher sentence: Sobbing with fear, he realised there was no way out.
Now write your sentence starting with a verb and using a feeling.
Task 3: Smells
Think of some horrible smells and list them in a descriptive way.
List of smells: Putrid odour of stale cheese. Nasty whiff of rotten eggs. Rancid smell of putrefying onions.
Teacher sentences: After what seemed like an age, a sense of hopelessness began to set in. The walls reeked of rotten eggs, the ground smelt as putrid as mouldy bread and a depressing stench of loneliness hung in the air. He fell asleep with tears in his eyes and awoke – still bleary-eyed – to find nothing had changed.
Now write your sentences, describing the smells in the cave and the hopelessness of it all. 
Tomorrow is World Book Day. Choose your favourite book and create a poster or bookmark to help persuade someone else in the class to read it. We would be grateful if you could email us these.
Wednesday 3rd Year 3
LI: I can place fractions on a number line.
No video today
Year 4
LI: I can identify fractions greater than 1.

Extension worksheet
Extension answers
Plot point 6: Jinnee with an offer
Task 1: Adjectives and onomatopoeia
Draw a stormy sky and collect words to describe it.
Adjectives: wild, dangerous, angry…Onomatopoeia examples: crash, bang, roar, boom, cackle, groan, thud…
Teacher sentences: Yawning and stretching, his hand brushed against the iron ring in his pocket that he’d completely forgotten about. Crash! Bang! Boom! The cave erupted. A dangerous, cold and raging storm had started. Now write your sentences to describe the accidental rubbing of the ring and the subsequent storm.
Task 2: Repetition and adverbs
Collect adverbs to describe how Aladdin sees the jinnee (e.g. clearly, dimly, faintly, strangely…).
Teacher sentences: He could see it. He could see it clearly. He could see it clearly through the wild, magical storm.
Now write your sentences and include repetition and an adverb
Task 3: Adjectives and dialogue
Collect adjectives for his eyes (e.g. blue, piercing, red, glowing, radiating, wide …).
Teacher sentences: ‘With piercing red eyes, the jinnee stared at him and boomed, “Let me grant you your heart’s desire.”
Now write your own sentences with dialogue and adjectives.
Watch this video on limestone and its uses.
Task: Find a picture of a limestone cave and limestone pavement. Think or write about what you notice in these pictures.
Optional: If you live near Warton Crag you could have a walk and see if you can find some limestone pavement.
Thursday 4th Year 3
LI: I can solve a range of problems involving fractions.
No video today
Year 4
LI: I can count in fractions.

Extension worksheet
Extension answers
Plot point 7: Nightmare over!
Task 1: Feelings and dialogue
Collect words to describe how Aladdin felt (e.g. amazed, excited, gobsmacked, shocked, pleased, flabbergasted, astounded…)
Teacher sentence: Aladdin, who was astonished and amazed, spluttered, “I order you to set me free!”
Now write your sentence using feelings and dialogue.
Task 2: Personification (making something like a person) List some human behaviours (e.g. groaned, trembled, stretched, reached, …).
Teacher sentence: Immediately, the earth stretched, groaned and belched Aladdin out.
Now write a sentence describing how Aladdin gets pushed out of the cave/earth.
Task 3: Repetition
Collect words to describe Aladdin’s experience (e.g. nightmare, tragedy, drama, catastrophe…)
Teacher sentences: If only he’d listened to his mother; if only he hadn’t entered the cave; if only he hadn’t been so trusting…the entire nightmare could have been avoided.
Now write your sentence or sentences using repetition.
Watch this video on fossils. 
Task: cut and stick the stages of fossilisation in the right order. The instructions and answers are here.
Optional task: make your own replica fossil. You could use this recipe.
Friday 5th LI: I can add fractions.
Year 3
Year 4

Extension worksheet
Extension answers page 1
Extension answers page 2
Present your complete story. You could:
  • make it into a book
  • create an animation
  • read it out to your family
  • act it out
  • create a cartoon strip
This half term we are looking at Christianity. Watch this video on the story of Jesus and his first disciples. 
Think about: Why do you think Jesus chose Peter and Andrew as his disciples? Why did they choose to follow Jesus?


Here are some of the photos that we received throughout the last 7 weeks. Fantastic work everyone! We have been really impressed by the continued enthusiasm shown by you all. Keep it up!