Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Covid Catchup

In line with all schools across the country, we are in receipt of some additional funding to facilitate provision for Covid Catch-up.

So far, we have noted additional needs for some children in mathematics and, as a result of this we are funding additional staff in order to split the class for maths on some or all days of the week to facilitate more targeted teaching. We are also running maths clubs for mental maths skills after school to run alongside and contribute to our Maths Learning Journey targets.

We are employing an additional TA for a total of 4 days across 3 classes throughout the summer term to facilitate additional 1:1 and small group interventions led by the class TAs. If this is deemed successful based on progress made by each cohort of children, and funding allows, this may continue in the Autumn term.

An additional teacher is working with the Y5/6 teacher on a daily basis to assist with targeted maths teaching.

As the children returned to school, we have been carrying out detailed assessments to gauge need and where gaps or under-achievement exists and this will inform our interventions and targeted teaching and any adjustments to the curriculum. We will be continually assessing progress to ensure that any interventions are having the desired impact.

In addition to academic needs, we are also aware that the children have many social and emotional needs linked with Covid and lockdowns so we will also be looking at ways to address these in school and on out of school visits when these are permitted/ easier to organise.