Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Chestnut and Oak lunch

20 July 2021

Last Day Rounders

Beech Waterfight

Home Learning

25 June 2021

Hi Beech, Class,

Hope you are all OK and are pleased to see that Mrs Brough has managed to rebook the trip for a few weeks’ time! That’s some good news after a bit of a rubbish end to the week.

I will put some information on next week about home learning, and talk to you all about it in our Zoom on Monday – 10AM. In the meantime, don’t forget, reading, Rockstars, spellings and learning journeys. That should keep you all busy for the first part of the morning. It’s also an ideal time to tidy your rooms, help out at home and learn a new skill – making a cup of tea, a simple meal etc.

As you are all isolating and can’t go anywhere, you can think of fun ways to keep fit in the house or garden – there are lots of Joe Wicks you can still do, or on a nicer day, you could set up a circuit in the garden to do. If you have any good pictures, don’t forget to send them!

I’ll speak to you all on Monday.

Have a nice weekend

Mrs Starr

Conserving Water

16 April 2021

Oak and Chestnut class have been busy this afternoon (16th April) learning about conserving water and why water is so important to our planet. Their challenge was to work as a team to move as much water from one container to another container using only a spoon. The challenge was trying to conserve as much as possible!

18 November 2020

David Hockney clay landscapes Year 5 and 6

Sycamore Class

5 November 2020

Enchanted Forest

15 October 2020

Sycamore Class enjoyed wandering through an enchanted forest while they collected exciting words to help them with their writing.