Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Snowman Biscuits

In the run up to Christmas we have been taking part in many activities. We especially enjoyed making our melted snowman biscuits – and eating them!

DT – Wells

Sycamore Class enjoyed designing and creating wells and developed lots of skills including using a glue gun, measuring, sawing and decision making.

African Pots

Sycamore Class created colourful African pots as part of our theme topic (Journeys). They formed a thumb pot to start with and then added coils on top. Using their hands and a range of tools, they created their planned designs and added different textures. Once dry, they painted on top. Well done.


We have been developing our hand-eye co-ordination in our P.E. lessons in order to improve our tennis skills.


Sycamore Class have been carrying out lots of different investigations to do with forces. We have been looking in particular at pushes and pulls and how many Newtons it takes to carry out one of these forces.

Borwick Hall

We had a fantastic day at Borwick Hall taking part in a variety of outdoor activities. We all had a go at canoeing, orienteering and the low ropes course over the pond. These activities really tested our perseverance, communication, cooperation and risk taking skills.

Enchanted Forest

Sycamore Class enjoyed wandering through an enchanted forest while they collected exciting words to help them with their writing.

Digestive System

Sycamore Class have been learning about the digestive system and recreating it using banana, Weetabix and tights!


Sycamore Class have really enjoyed their trip to Woodmatters near Windermere. We learnt a lot about Stone Age and early Bronze Age life by doing a lot of different activities including making axes, creating copper sun disks, making stone age art, hunter gathering and creating fire.


Sycamore Class designed, cooked and enjoyed their own pancake based around the balanced diet plate.