Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School


Today in our forest school session we talked about the sun being a star and how different planets orbit the sun. One person got to be the sun and we had a go at orbiting in rings around them. We also found other things in the playground that we could orbit. We had a go at making stars from different natural things. They were all wonderful!

Space Helmets

We have also used our fine motor skills to create some space helmets, with Miss Molloy, this week, using colanders and pipe cleaners. We think they are fabulous!


We have been very lucky because Mrs Pell, our avid gardener has been teaching us how to sow and look after seeds and plants. We now have our own tyre in the garden that is our responsibility to look after!

Mark Making

We had a writing stimulus of a light up moon this week to link in with our Space topic. We absolutely loved doing some writing about it, drawing moon pictures and playing with the remote control to make it change colour!

Money, Money, Money!

This week we are looking at money. We set up a shop in our classroom and we had to work out how many pennies we needed to buy different things. We even thought about how we could make the amounts in different ways. The shop keepers had to be very strict to make sure they were given the correct amount of money!

Make it rAIn

Miss Molloy’s group have been looking at the ‘ai’ sound in Phonics. They went outside with umbrellas, rain sticks and squirty bottles of water and made it rAIn!

Giant’s Clothing

Last week we were looking at the story of Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk. We pretended to try on the giant’s clothes. They were a little bit big!

Phonics Fun

Miss Molloy’s Phonics group had loads of fun using magic paint to learn about the ‘ng’ sound.

An Introduction to our Space Topic

We have had a great start to our Space topic this week. We even had a spaceship land in our classroom! We have had a brilliant time exploring it, doing some marble painting planets and reading books about space.

Conserving Water

Oak and Chestnut class have been busy this afternoon (16th April) learning about conserving water and why water is so important to our planet. Their challenge was to work as a team to move as much water from one container to another container using only a spoon. The challenge was trying to conserve as much as possible!