Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Making Bridges

In DT, Chestnut Class have been making bridges. They took lots of inspiration from different bridges around the world. They learnt about different ways to join the cardboard together. They learnt about the flange join and the L brace join. They had to think carefully about how they built it to make sure that it was stable and stayed up by itself.

Jubilee Day

Oak and Chestnut Class have had a wonderful day celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee before we break up for half term. Oak Class baked scones and Chestnut Class decorated biscuits and made sandwiches and both classes got together for a tea party. This was followed by a Forest School session where they made natural crowns. We hope everybody has a brilliant half term!

Making sandwiches

In English, Year 1&2 have been following and writing instructions. They had to sequence some instructions and then write some commands to go with them. They then got to follow the instructions and make their sandwiches (and eat them of course!).


Oak and Chestnut Class were really lucky today and got to meet some pigeons. Our site supervisor, Phil Graseley, looks after pigeons and races them. He brought some of them in today for the children to look at and stroke. They even got to feel their heartbeats! Phil then let them free and he will send in some photos to show they got safely back home.

Making Grandma

The children in Chestnut Class had a junk modelling session in English today to make some models of Grandma from our book ‘The Building Boy.’

Forest School

Oak and Chestnut Class have had a lovely time in Forest School today, decorating trees with string and natural items. What a good job they did!

A special visitor

To link in with some of the learning that they are going to be doing this term, Chestnut Class, were lucky today to have a visitor, Simon McAllister. Simon talked to the children about what it means to be an architect. Thank you so much for coming and teaching us so much!

Forest School

Today in Forest School, Oak and Chestnut Class learnt all about nests and why birds make them at this time of year. They then had a go at making their own. They also talked about why it is important that we keep our school grounds safe for wildlife and how we can do that.

Spring Walk

On Thursday, Oak and Chestnut came together to go on a Spring walk. We ticked things off of a checklist but found loads of other signs of Spring as well!

Easter Egg Hunt

For Forest School today the children had to find the chicks and eggs hidden around our outside area. They had to find the right numbers on their sheet and tick them off as they found them. We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!