Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Let’s Explore -Collage

For other collage and textile artwork, please see the art curriculum page.

Collage Portraits by Oak Class

We used manmade and natural materials to make our collage self-portraits.

Portraits using mixed media by Chestnut Class

We tried to match our photograph using oil pastel for our self-portraits.

Self portraits using a collage background in the style of Henri Matisse by Sycamore Class.

We studied the artwork of Henri Matisse and used his style of collage to cut shapes for our backgrounds. We sketched self-portraits in pencil looking carefully at our features and using shading.

Collage Portraits by Beech Class

We used a range of patterned papers and looked carefully at our features and hairstyles to produce our self-portraits.

Picasso inspired collage portraits by Beech Class

We studied the collage artwork of Picasso and learned he was one of the first artists to use collage. We used his portraits to inspire our collage semi-abstract portraits.

Mexican and Mayan Art by Beech Class

We learned about Mexican folk art and we were inspired by Mexican Otomi embroidery in our collage patterns. We used templates and transfer techniques.

We are learning about the Mayans and learned that they used pictures to tell stories and to record information rather than words. These pictures were called codices and we used collage to decorate many of the codices that the Mayans used.

Roman Mosaics by Sycamore Class

We used tiles and looked at images of Roman mosaics for inspiration. We learned all about how Romans used mosaics.

Oak Class Collage Abstract Art

Dinosaur Fossil Collages By Oak Class

Bonfire Collages by Chestnut Class

Autumn collages by Chestnut Class

Painting in the style of Kandinsky by Oak Class

What a Wonderful World – Painting

Art inspired by nature in our garden by Beech Class.

We studied the artists Georgia O’Keeffe and Yellana James and their artwork. They both used nature to produce semi-abstract work called “biomorphic art”. We started with images and sketches of nature that we did in our garden and we turned it into art in the style of these two artists.

Art inspired by our trip to Arran by Beech Class

We used watercolours to paint the view of Holy Island from the outdoor centre in Arran.

Landscape painting inspired by Scottish artist Jolomo by Beech Class.

We studied the art of Jolomo and learned about how he paints Scottish landscapes ahead of our visit to Arran.