Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Sycamore Class’ Imagining History Day

Sycamore Class enjoyed an interactive workshop about Ancient Egypt on 7th July.

A fun packed, fast paced and factual interactive workshop with Imagining History, a Lancaster based group.

Laura and Adrian took us through the whole timeline of Ancient Egypt with the children volunteering to play the parts of anything from a pyramid to a Pharaoh or even a limestone block that had to be moved many miles across the desert!

Role play depicting what times were like under the rule of various Pharaohs were freeze-framed and judged allowing children to move on to the next level and another ruler!

As a finale the children re-enacted three possible evidence-based clues as to the way Tutankhamun may have died, a fact not yet known! They then had to vote on the most likely way it happened based on their learning! Fantastic!