Nether Kellet Primary School
Nether Kellet Primary School

Beech Class Home Learning

Hi Beech Class,

So, this wasn’t the week we had planned was it? Anyway…at least Mrs Brough has managed to rearrange so we can still go – that is good news at least.

So, tasks this week:

I would like you to develop your project on WW2 to look at different aspects of the war and find out about things which interest you. You can make a booklet or a ppt about what you have found out, including pages on different aspects you have researched.

Things you might want to include are:

General background – which might look at questions such as – How and why did WW2 begin? Who were the Axis and Allied Powers? Why did Great Britain get involved in the war?

Life at Home – You could find out about the Home Front, the Home Guard, roles for women, the experiences of children, evacuation, rationing, digging for victory, air raids and shelters, entertainment, cinemas, the news, the wireless and keeping your spirits up and anything else which interests you.

Life for the Soldiers – Find out about what a typical day was like for a soldier in WW2. Which countries might they have fought in? Did they get to come home often? What were conditions like for them? Parcels from home? Songs they sang to keep their spirits up and anything else you can find out.

Famous Events in WW2 – You could find out about The Blitz, The Battle of Britain, Operation Overlord and Dunkirk and any other famous events you want to investigate.

The End of the War – How did the war end, why is VE day not the end of the war, what happened to the axis powers after the war, the soldiers return home and celebrations in Britain.

Don’t forget to include maps, pictures, photographs and anything else to add interest too.

You can use any books you have at home, the internet – though make sure you include ‘children’ or ‘kids’ or ‘KS2’ in your search to find appropriate information. Here are some to get you started.,surrendered%20on%20September%202%2C%201945.

As well as your project:

Please do continue with TTRockstars, send each other challenges, aim to increase your scores, your speed and your accuracy.

Work on spellings from the list in your blue books.

Work on LJ targets.


I will send a Zoom link out in the morning to the emails I have registered for your parents. The Zoom will be at 10am each day and I would like you all to be there please.

See you in the morning!

Mrs Starr